2022 Annual School Session Keynote Presentation by Dr. Stefanie Johnson, Associate Professor, University of Colorado Boulder Leeds School of Business

Most of us want to be inclusive but just don’t know what steps to take to get there. Johnson will explain what it takes to make people feel included by digging into our two most basic human needs: to be unique and to belong. She will also explain why this is so important amidst Covid-19 and some of the unique challenges and opportunities that Covid-19 has created for inclusion and belonging. Finally, the presentation will cover strategies that individual people can take to act more inclusively.

  • Understand two basic human motives (uniqueness and belonging)
  • See the outcomes of missing out on uniqueness or belonging (quadrants)
  • Uncover how we inadvertently miss out on uniqueness or belonging
  • Learn actionable strategies for recognizing, amplifying, and sponsoring others