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Achieving Transformation: An Update on GSBC’s Strategic Plan

It has been nearly a year since the GSBC Board of Trustees adopted our new strategic plan, which affirmed our commitment to building leaders for community banks.

GSBC’s Blom, Bunch Receive Promotions: A Statement from GSBC President Michael Stevens

GSBC President Michael Stevens is pleased to announce the promotions of Amy Blom to Chief Operating Officer and Josie Bunch to Vice President of Strategy & Experience at the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado (GSBC).

Strategic Topic Projects Position Community Banks for the Future

GSBC’s rising third-year students dedicate significant time before their final session on campus exploring and addressing an opportunity or challenge their institution is facing by completing their Strategic Topic Project.

GSBC Students Identify Emerging Risks and Opportunities

By GSBC President Michael Stevens One of the hard questions we asked the class was to identify emerging risks and opportunities based on the current economic environment, state of global affairs and changes in the environment. Risks Identified Small business survival, e.g., wages, inflation, supply chain. How much can they take? The unknown of digital…

GSBC Students on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

GSBC again held a “Hard Questions” course at its 71st Annual School Session in July. The premise of the course is that, as a leader, you will get the questions people don’t know how to—or don’t want to—answer. This special class provides an opportunity for students to expand their thinking by being exposed to a variety of views and experiences. 

GSBC to Educate, Innovate, Connect Through 3-Year Strategic Plan

The GSBC Board of Trustees on May 25, 2022, unanimously approved a strategic plan for GSBC. The plan establishes a long-term direction for the school while honoring the school’s legacy and those who built it.

The Future is Now

This is the third in a series of articles from GSBC’s Peer Group Projects. The projects are the work of our first-year class from July 2021. This article was compiled from the work of two groups which looked at the future of community banking post-pandemic.

Jefferson, Buffett & Bubbles

This is the second in a series of articles from GSBC’s Peer Group Projects. The projects are the work of our first-year class from July 2021. One group, comprised of nine community bankers, chose to explore the actions banks can take to mitigate the risk of asset bubbles.

Peeking Around the Inflation Corner

In 2021, GSBC launched its first-ever peer group initiative where new students of the Annual School Session were assigned to groups of up to 10 of their peers. The purpose of the peer groups was to ignite relationship building by facilitating connections virtually prior to the start of the session. We know relationship building is a tremendous value to banking schools in general and in our opinion, the sooner we get that started the better.

Relationship Banking & Digital Transformation

The pace of change on the technology front is both exciting and frightening. Consumers engage with multiple platforms fueled by data and artificial intelligence. Each experience helps to create an expectation for the service they want to see from the next platform they use.

What Does a Wildly Successful GSBC Look Like in 10 Years?

Envisioning what a wildly successful GSBC looks like in 10 years is really when everything came together. By understanding our vulnerability and appreciating the amount of change being implemented around us, it really opened our minds to possibilities.

Strategic Issues Community Banks are Tackling

The rising third year students at the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado (GSBC) customize a project to study a strategic issue facing their institution. The process asks them to engage with senior leaders in the bank, study an issue and develop recommendations for management’s consideration.