Class: 5 Class Hours

Instructor: Diane Windingland

In this 4-session course, students will learn and practice strategies and techniques for giving clear, audience-focused business presentations with both confidence and credibility, whether speaking to 1 or to 100 people or more. This course includes both large group training and small group application, in which each student will give a short presentation on day 3 or 4 and evaluate another student’s presentation. Some also will participate in impromptu speaking or in group facilitation in the small groups.

Days 1 & 2: Large group interactive seminar

Days 3 & 4: Small group practice, facilitated by students, in separate classrooms,  (10 groups of approx. 16 students, with 8 students giving 4- to 5-minute speeches, and the other 8 students giving 1-2-minute evaluations of the speeches. The evaluators will also have a second role: participating as an impromptu speaker (1-2 min, 5 students) or as a session leader (1 student), an impromptu leader (1 student), or timer (1 student). On day 4, the roles switch.

Learning objectives:

  • Think and speak on your feet
  • Create catchy openings and closings
  • Engage with stories & data
  • Power up your PowerPoint
  • Deliver with confidence

Annual School Session

Second Year Core Course

General Management/Technology Track