7 Class Hours

Instructors: Dave Baker, Steve Goodenow

What skills are necessary to succeed as a CEO? What are the key performance ratios for a CEO to focus on? In this class, students will be exposed to a myriad of challenges that a CEO faces every day. Students will look at issues from one CEO’s perspective. How do community banks compete with their national counterparts?  How do you attract and retain good people? How do you identify and deal with non-performers and mediocre performers? What is the role of a strategic plan? Just as a CEO’s job is diverse, so is the class in terms of touching on many aspects of management and banking. The emphasis will be on practical experience. It will not be a theoretical exercise. Students should come prepared to ask questions and to discuss a broad range of topics related to bank management. Key concepts from the book “Good to Great” will be discussed at length. One day will be devoted to showing and discussing a film on the Jack Welch’s approach to management. The final day will involve the instructor discussing student questions specifically related to the duties of a CEO.

Learning objectives include:

  • Very specific leadership skills will be discussed with application to the banking industry
  • Students will finish class with a better appreciation of daily challenges faced by bank CEO’s
  • Students will have a much better understanding of whether they have the potential and requisite skills to someday become a CEO

Annual School Session

Second/Third Year, Second Week Elective Course

General Management & Technology Track