7 Class Hours

Instructor: Doris Rigoni

*Level 1 – Lending Essentials

Lending essentials will provide students with insights on the critical elements of the lending function within a community bank. The class will explore the role of the credit culture in determining the type of loans a bank originates, underwriting process, and overall risk. The class will explore the general types of loans in community banks, the underwriting process, and assessment of repayment ability. This class will primarily focus on understanding at a higher level the credit process and how to mitigate the banks risk through underwriting loans.

Learning Objectives:

  • Credit Culture
  • Capacity & Repayment Ability
  • Collateral
  • Covenants/Conditions

*Level 2 – Evaluating Loan Deals through Culture, Judgement, & Creativity

This class is designed to give lenders and regulators the opportunity to explore advanced issues in lending through case studies and discussion.  The discussions will explore the role of a bank’s credit culture, the critical role of judgement, and creative solutions to making deals work.  This will be an interactive class looking at actual loans, how they were underwritten, was that the best structure, were there other options and how they could have been structured differently.  Plan on participation in the class to get the most out of it.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding Credit Culture
  • Understanding Policy Exceptions
  • What levers to pull to tighten up the credit
  • What levers to pull to be more aggressive

*GSBC will assign placement based on information collected in the registration survey.

Annual School Session 

First Year Core Course

Track: Lending