7 Class Hours

Instructor: Natalie Bartholomew 

In today’s changing banking landscape, the use of social media for community bankers is increasingly important. While not every community banker has to be a novice, it’s essential that they understand the do’s, don’ts, and basic fundamentals of each social media platform to assist with telling their bank’s story and building their own personal brand. Community banks aren’t traditionally great at standing apart from the competition when it comes to their use of social media and if they aren’t examining how to change the direction of their social strategy, they are likely already left behind.

The class will be taught by Natalie Bartholomew, Chief Administrative Officer | VP of Grand Savings Bank, who has developed her own personal brand over the last several years and launched her blog, the Girl Banker, where she advocates for women in banking, working moms, and community bankers nationwide. Natalie’s blog and social platforms are followed by bankers all over the country and she speaks on the topic of personal branding and women in banking at conferences regularly.

In this class, participants will learn the following:

  1. How to develop a personal brand as a community banker that customers and centers of influence can know and trust.
  2. An understanding of the different social media platforms and how to utilize each one appropriately as a community banker.
  3. How a community bank can benefit from its employees developing good social media habits and a personal brand.
  4. Marketing tips and tricks for banks to consider when utilizing social media for their bank brand.

Annual School Session 

Second/Third Year, Second Week Elective Course

General Management & Technology Track