7 Class Hours

Instructor: Matt Miller

Learning Objectives

The course develops a better understanding of:

  • Current financial and business conditions in the U.S. and the world, with emphasize on how these conditions may influence and shape the financial performance of today’s community banks;
  • Key deposit strategies that community banks are utilizing to grow and retain funding; and
  • Current regulatory environment for liquidity risk management and contingency funding best practices.

Topics to be discussed include the business cycle, interest rates, the Federal Reserve System, deposit growth strategies, incremental cost of funds analysis, liquidity stress testing, and contingency funding waterfalls.

Key Takeaways

  • Better understanding of how macro business and financial conditions influence both bank performance and risks
  • Better understand of how market forces shape interest rates and the variety of interest rates in our financial system
  • Better understand deposit growth strategies and the impact on the cost of funds of a Bank
  • Better understand how to evaluate a Bank’s current funding based upon core vs non-core funding and stable vs potentially volatile funding.
  • Better understand the recently changed liquidity stress testing requirements and contingency funding waterfalls

Annual School Session 

First Year Core Course

Financial Management Track