9 Class Hours

Instructor: Chris Carlson

This class is unique because it combines elements of both sales and credit training and is tailored for bankers who have contact with business owners.  It discusses how to call on, and effectively serve, small business clients in order to build and sustain relationship banking.

The course is both practical and hands-on, as it uses actual case experiences and role-plays to reveal the problems of entrepreneurs and gives bankers the tools to understand and communicate with non-financially oriented owners or managers of businesses with sales under $15 million.  This course provides insights into small business owners’ expectations and attitudes that will help the banker have engaging conversations.  These more robust conversations will add tremendous value to customer relationships.

Key learning objectives include:

  • The Most Effective Business Development Methods
  • The Most Important Question A Banker Can Ask A Business Owner
  • Uncovering Initial Financial Indicators
  • Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Understanding The Impact of Ratio Analysis
  • Helping Business Owners Understand The Financial Cause & Effect of Their Actions

Annual School Session

Second Year Core Course

Lending Track