5 Class Hours

Instructor: David Cotney

Most community banks have come to realize that having a website and a simple app is not enough to succeed in the ever-evolving banking environment. To survive and compete against both mega banks (JPMC, Bank of America) and “challenger” banks (SoFi, Varo), banks need to build a best-in-class digital strategy with a mobile-first infrastructure. However, community banks have largely struggled to develop and launch digital banking strategies to compete with these institutions due to constrained resources, limited IT budgets and strong aversions to risk.

Learning Objectives:

This course will explore current developments in fintech and the digital banking options (build, buy, partner) for banks. Students will learn how to develop a digital strategy that aligns with your bank’s overall strategy. They will also learn how to execute on that strategy, including addressing some of the third-party risk management challenges associated with partnering with fintech companies.


Annual School Session

Second Year Elective Course

Track: Innovation & Engagement