Michael Ghalibaf has banking experience in wholesale funding, bond and portfolio analysis, and asset/liability management. Prior to joining TIB, he spent six years on the equity side actively
managing portfolios.

His expertise in derivative products to generate alpha as well as deploying hedging strategies has given him a unique edge to portfolio analysis. Michael’s ability to analyze data, understand SOFR swap activity and its implication on the interest rate landscape, and technical understanding of markets and price movements has not only helped propel him up through TIB but identify security selections tailored to the client banks.

Michael’s customer responsibilities include advising banks in regard to their investment strategies, determination of suitability of investments, portfolio management and the purchases and sales of fixed income securities. Michael currently sits on TIB’s weekly investment committee as well as ALCO committee delivering reports on economic data as well as updates on underlying activity in the bond and derivative markets.

Michael is a featured speaker for TIB on portfolio management at various association events and the Southwestern Graduate School of Banking (SWGSB) at SMU. Michael graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in Accounting.