Darnell has been working at Darling Consulting Group since 1996. As a Managing Director, Darnell has experience working directly with community banks and credit unions, providing guidance and advice on strategies to strengthen overall performance through proactively managing balance sheet risks and prudently making use of capital markets instruments. Additionally, Darnell offers counsel to financial institutions that seek independent third-party advice on enhancing the overall effectiveness of their ALM function. He is a writer on various topics related to asset liability management and is a contributor to several professional publications. He is a speaker and active educator, who has enjoyed participating in a wide range of educational programs for the banking industry, including the ABA’s Stonier School of Banking and the Graduate School of Banking at Louisiana State University.

Prior to joining DCG, Darnell was a field office examiner with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in the department of Safety and Soundness. He has received a B.S. in finance from Bentley College and a M.S. in finance from Boston College.