The Readiness component of GSBC’s curriculum philosophy emphasizes commitment to fostering the future success of community banking by providing its leaders with the tools to think critically and act innovatively. Throughout their GSBC experience, students should expect faculty members to engage them on how the future might impact course subject matter and outcomes.

The GSBCx Readiness Courses for third-year students represent a critical element of the GSBC Experience. The courses are designed to introduce community bank leaders to tools and methodologies to plan and execute for the future.

Third year students in their final week are well-positioned to draw from a foundational knowledge base while honing the skills of adaptability and response fostered in their first week of Bank Management Simulation. GSBCx courses bring the curriculum together to not only lead the bank today, but also be prepared to guide an innovative, positive future for the bank maximizing all its resources. The courses lay the groundwork for students to be the leader their banks will need in the future.

GSBCx courses are designed to be intensive and interactive. GSBC third-year students will experience all three courses, one each afternoon for three hours. The classes feature minimal lectures and are focused on small group work and ideation. GSBCx courses include: