Refer Candidates

Those who volunteer as Alumni Ambassadors have one thing in common: they’re already passionate about GSBC. What GSBC aims to do through the program is recognize and incentivize you for sharing your passion (you likely already do!)

Here are some ideas on how to engage GSBC prospects:

  • Think about who you already know who could benefit from the GSBC experience
  • Provide them with GSBC literature on programs that interest them (provided to you upon signing up)
  • Share your personal experiences of how GSBC positively impacted your career
  • Encourage contacts to enroll or reach out to GSBC for more information
    • If they do, be sure they name you as who referred them!
  • Follow up with them about their banking school plans the next time you see them

Represent GSBC at Industry Events

  • Take your ‘Ask Me About GSBC’ postcards to hand out
  • Wear a GSBC logo apparel item like your Alumni jacket, lapel pin or something from GSBC’s Lands’ End Apparel Store
  • GSBC does not expect you to hard-sell; it’s best to merely have a conversation!
  • If you need some talking points, email GSBC

Engage on Social Media

Share your passion for GSBC with the cyber world! Utilize #GSBCAmbassador and/or tag GSBC in a post.

  • GSBC is on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Announce that you’re attending the event by sharing a social media post (use #GSBCAmbassador)
  • Share photos of fellow GSBC alumni and/or prospective students when you’re out and about at industry events (use #GSBCAmbassador)
  • Want to spread the word from the comfort of your phone or desk? GSBC would appreciate a good Facebook review

Lean on Fellow Ambassadors, Alumni Advisors and GSBC Staff

You’re part of an outstanding network. If you need some more ideas or want to collaborate, Alumni Advisors and GSBC staff are at multiple banking industry events each year. Reach out to us!